Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (R.M.E.T. Skill Council)

राष्ट्रीय मिशन ऑफ एजुकेशन एंड ट्रेनिंग
(आर.एम.ई.टी. स्किल कॉउंसिल)
An Autonomous body Regd. by Ministry of Labour and Employment (Govt. of India)
Department of Labour (Govt. of NCT Delhi)
Governed by Rashtriya Siksha Vikash Abhijan, Incorporated by TR Act, Govt. of India

Vocational Education & Training for Youth

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Welcome to Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (R.M.E.T. Skill Council). Centrally Information Adress: Plot no - 38B, Upper ground floor, Dwarka mor,New delhi,Delhi - 110059. Regd. & Postal Address : Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training, An Initiative of Rashtriya Siksha Vikash Abhijan. Mollaroad, Khandaghosh, Purba Bardhaman-713424, West Bengal, India.


Skills, Knowledge and innovation are important driving forces of economic growth and social development in our country and country with higher levels of skill, adjust more effectively to challenge and opportunities in the global economy. India has had relatively strong economic performance in the past decade.  There have some drawback to uphold the current situation of skill development and job creation. To overcome this pressure vocational education is the alternative option for the social and personal development. Vocational education can increase the socio-economic development of the developing country like India.

Democratizing Vocational Education by taking it to the doorsteps of the learners. Providing access to quality education to all those who seek it irrespective of age, region or formal qualifications. Offering need-based academic programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses. Promoting and developing Vocational education under Skill Enhancement Training Programme (SETP) in India Setting and maintaining standards in skill based vocational education in the country.

Our Mission

Towards becoming a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in only regular courses by offering Quality Training Programmes to meet the current  and emerging needs of the adult population, by widening the access to vocational training and by functioning as a catalyst to bridge social, economical and to be a major part in developing India.

Our Vision

RMET Skill Council shall make available innovative, socially relevant educational provisions that are Learner-centred, seamless and are of High quality by employing appropriate vocational training equity in education, sustainable social transformation and composite national development.


Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (RMET Skill Council) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution governed by Rashtriya Siksha Vikash Abhijan which is Incorporated by TR Act 1882 Govt. Of India. The organization established for the development of literacy and skill education in West Bengal and all other states of India under the guidelines of National Education Policy,1986 and Programme Of Action,1992, Govt. of India. The institution follows the national curriculum framework to improve the quality of education.


Rashtriya Mission of  Education& Training (RMET Skill Council) has designed the courses according to its own rules and regulations. The courses has been designed for improving the literacy percentage and development for skill education in India and make people to become self-depended.


Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (RMET Skill Council) offer some different types of professional courses and educational programme for awareness for poors and distress who are basically financial weak in the society. After completing any of the courses student can be self-depended or may get job in private sector. All the courses based on vocational education for the students. These are only skill developing programme for the nation. The students will bear a nominal fee to get the education or training from any RMET Study Centre’s all over India. ‘RASHTRIYA SIKSHA VIKASH ABHIJAN’ is a Non-Profitable organization. The Participant of our courses mainly Health Care Education, Paramedical Technology, Patient Care Education awareness programme could not use the word ‘Dr.’ (Doctor) before his/her name and could not use any type of medical related logo/symbols. They could not treat any emergency, surgical and delivery patient. They can be working as a rural health worker or rural health assistant under any Registered Govt. Doctor or Regd. Physician. They could provide First-Aid service among the rural people in absence of Doctors for Primary Health Care and refer to any nearest Govt. Hospital (if require).


We Kindly request to you to verify the credentials of the certificate and its validity before joining the courses offered by Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (RMET Skill Council). Do not believe in any kind of false promises, and in case of doubt kindly call us or mail us or come in person and check the original motive behind the promotion of the courses.


In case of any dispute it shall be resolved by the committee appointed by Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (RMET Skill Council) through the Arbitration and Reconciliation Act 1996. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on all parties. Direct court intervention is not permissible.



Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training  (RMET  Skill Council ) is an ISO:9001:2015 certified organization for Vocational & Skill Education which is  Governed by Rashtriya Siksha Vikash Abhijan, Certificate of Registration under Section 60 and Rule 69 registered in Book IV Volume Number 1903-2016,page from 181425 to 181451 being no 190307682/2016 is an autonomous organization. Regd. under Dept. of Labour NCT (Delhi). Training Partner of NSDC (Govt. of India) & P.B.S.S.D Govt. of W.B. Basic Training Provider Under Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship (Govt. of India).. Accredited By  Quality Council of India. And Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (RMET Skill council) also all courses registered in Book IV Volume Number-1903-2021, page from 26614 to 16677 being No. 190300736/2021. Approved By Ministry of Labour & Employment & Dept. of M.S.M.E (Government of India)



Self employment course provide student with an introductory knowledge and understanding of self-employment and requirements of success. the courses is designed for student wishing to consider self-employment on further study in area of self-employment and progression routes. Providing access in 30+ sectors is to make quality vocational education to all those who seek it irrespective of age, region or formal qualifications.

RMET Skill Council offers vocational skill courses under RSVA in various sectors viz, (1) Advertising and Media Industry (2) Agriculture and Allied Technology (3) Art, Drawing and Painting (4) Automobile Sector (5) Aviation Sector (6)  Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, (7) Beauty culture and Spa (8) Building and Construction Technology (9) Chemical Industry (10)  Computer and Information  Technology (11) Cookery, Bakery, Confectionary and Food Processing (12) Cottage Induatry (13) Cutting, Tailoring, Dress Making and Fashion Designing (14) Electrical & Electronic sector (15) Entrepreneurship & Professional Skill Sector (16) Fire & Safety Sector (17) Fishery Science Sector (18) Foot-wear Technology (19) Gold Appraiser (20) Handicrafts Sector (21)Health and Paramedical Sector (22)Hospitality Sector (23)Leather Industry (24)Logistics and shipping Management Sector (25) NGO Management  (26)Photography  (27)Plastic Industry (28) Printing Technology (29) Renewable Energy (30) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector (31) Secretarial Practice Sector (32) Teacher Training Sector (33) Telecom (34)Textile Technology (35)Veterinary Sector (36) Yoga Sector.