Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (R.M.E.T. Skill Council)

राष्ट्रीय मिशन ऑफ एजुकेशन एंड ट्रेनिंग
(आर.एम.ई.टी. स्किल कॉउंसिल)
An Autonomous body Regd. by Ministry of Labour and Employment (Govt. of India)
Department of Labour (Govt. of NCT Delhi)
Governed by Rashtriya Siksha Vikash Abhijan, Incorporated by TR Act, Govt. of India

Vocational Education & Training for Youth

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Welcome to Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training (R.M.E.T. Skill Council). Centrally Information Adress: Plot no - 38B, Upper ground floor, Dwarka mor,New delhi,Delhi - 110059. Regd. & Postal Address : Rashtriya Mission of Education & Training, An Initiative of Rashtriya Siksha Vikash Abhijan. Mollaroad, Khandaghosh, Purba Bardhaman-713424, West Bengal, India.

Benefits of VET

Benefits Of Vocational Training

The vocational training has many benefits not only for an individual but also for the nation. Furthermore, some benefits of vocational training are:


This training makes a person job-ready and students can directly get a job after completing their studies. In addition, it provides students the required set of skills and training for various jobs such as fashion designers, computer networking, interior designing and many more. Also, it makes the person skilled and ready for the job of their respective fields.

Low Education Cost

The fees of these courses are quite economic and anyone can easily afford to pay for them. Moreover, they are an easy alternative for those students who do not want to opt for a 3-year degree course. Many of these vocational courses are as good as degree courses and offer employment quickly. Besides, they are best for those students who cannot afford the cost of the degree course.

Career Advancement

They are also the best alternative for those people who have a job and want to acquire new skills. Also, the duration of these courses is quite less compared to the degree courses but the set of skills taught is quite useful and important.

Besides, it is quite effective for a professional to improve the prospect of their career. In addition, dropouts and students who are less interested in academic studies can choose from a range of diverse courses in their field of interest.

Economic Development

The demand for skilled professionals in the various sector is growing day by day in the world. In addition, the existence of skilled manpower is beneficial to society as well as the economy of developing nations. With this, the need for importing manpower from other nation is also reduced